• Presence

    The word “presence” derives from the term “telepresence”.
    It refers to the sense of “being there”.
    An illusion that a mediated experience is not mediated.

Omnidirectional 3D

Presence Camera films stereoscopic, 3D videos, in 360 degrees.
Media to be watched with VR headsets.


No stitching errors or discontinuities.
Presence Camera usesits own algorithm, a very different approach than traditional stitching methods. Highly automated, fast and easy.

2 Cameras

Flexible for very different cameras and solutions.
Cinematographic cameras, DSLR or action cams.

Virtual Reality Video Recording

Presence is a 2 camera rig and software. It films high quality 360 3D video.

Presence camera is not a generic, all-purpose VR Camera.

It focuses on a particular use case ( camera static on a tripod, and the action happens in 90º ), which solves better than other generic solutions.

How does it work?

The output is a very high quality 360 stereoscopic 3D Video.

The process is quite simple, but the camera has some restrictions.

Presence works by making an static 360 3D picture of the scene, and seamless integrating  it to the stereo video that later films the 2 cameras.
This integration is made automatically ( again, no manual stitching involved ) with a unique algorithm of Presence Camera.

The action into the video only happens at around 90º of the 360º of the video, and the scene must be static while taking tha 360 picture ( around 1 minute ).


  • VR Video production

  • VR Video filming for other video production companies

  • Presence Camera software for your own camera rig & films

  • Integrate our tech into your existing video pipeline

Why Us?

Virtual Reality is the most powerful medium to deliver your experiences.

Presence Camera is highly focused on VR, solving hard problems in omnidirectional stereocsopic filming.

Our approach is original and unique, with a patent-pending algorithm.

Stereoscopy and 3D is absolutely key for real presence in VR video, especially on interiors or close action.

High quality

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