Presence is a camera rig +  video software to make high quality 360 3D video.

With only 2 cameras recording you get a 360 stereo video.

It doesn’t use traditional stitching, so no manual stitching is needed. It’s a highly automated, easy-to-use process.

No other third party software is needed, and no manual stitching or stiching errors at all. Our algorithms use a different approach.

It works with 2 cameras mounted on a rig over a panning motor.
The 2 cameras could be DSLR, high-end video cameras, or simpler action-cameras ( gopro, action yi… ).

The output is a 4K video ( the image quality depends on the camera used ), and great stereo 3D.

The process is quite simple, but the camera has some restrictions.

Presence works by making an static 360 3D picture of the scene, and seamless integrating  it to the stereo video that records the 2 cameras. This integration is made automatically ( again, no manual stitching involved ) with a unique algorithm of presencecamera.

The action in the video only happens at around 90º of the 360º of the video.

Presence camera is not a generic, all-purpose VR Camera. It focuses on a particular use case ( camera static on a tripod, and the action happens in 90º ), which solves better than other generic solutions.