4YFN Barcelona

Presence Camera was at 4YFN Barcelona event at the I.E stand showing an I.E VR Video.

The video was a big success.

A quote ( and link to presencecamera.com ) from Enrique Dans www.enriquedans.com  :

” I also had my virtual reality moment of truth at my very own IE Rockets stand at 4YFN, MWC’s startup business platform, where a completely redefined classroom had been set up, allowing me to interact with IE students in stereoscopic, immersive and 360º high definition videos. The experience really brought home to me how effectively VR/AR can trick our brains, and that in the case of familiar scenarios and situations it is more than willing to be fooled: I have to say that I have never experienced anything that seemed so authentic, and I’ve been round the VR block a few times…”



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