• Our own technology

    We are VR video experts. We developed, tested and used for years our own technology to film 3D 360 video and to playback it at the highest quality.
    Over years of hard work, we have implemented our own software in order to reach the highest quality in 3D 360 videos. The algorithm we use is a different approach, patent-pending and well tested.
    Our solutions are unique, and we have full control of the working pipeline, which gives us independency, flexibility and agility.

High quality 3D

Stereoscopic 3D videos, in 360 degrees.
3D 360 videos are very difficult to make, there is no “silver bullet” camera on the market.
Media to be watched with VR headsets.

5k at 60 fps

5k at 60 fps shooting and playback technology with the highest pixel quality.
A high frame rate ( 60 ) is very important for presence in VR.


No stitching errors or discontinuities, no matter how close from the camera.
We use our own algorithm, a very different approach.

2 Cameras

Flexible for very different cameras and solutions.
The key to get the highest pixel quality and shooting resolution.

Virtual Reality shooting

Presence technology uses a 2 camera rig and software. We have our own well proben shooting material and cameras, and a lot of experience using them.

Presence camera is not a generic, all-purpose VR Camera. It focuses on a particular use case ( camera static on a tripod, and the action happens in front ), which solves better than other generic solutions.

Presence works by making an static 360 3D picture of the scene, and seamless integrating  it to the stereo video that later films the 2 cameras.
This integration is made automatically ( again, no manual stitching involved ) with a unique algorithm of Presence Camera.

The action into the video only happensin front of the 360º of the video, and the scene must be static while taking tha 360 picture ( around 1 minute ). This allows us to reach the highest 3D and pixel quality.

We also shoot in VR180 format.

Integrating interactive 3D graphics ( here, the gun ) with 3D 360 VR video ( the scene and character ).

Virtual Reality Video playback

Extreme optimizations and well crafted tech to playback 5k video at 60 fps in Oculus Go. ( ask us ! We’ll show you demos ).

Expertly optimized video encoding settings for each VR platform.

VR video apps integrating interactive 3D graphics with the VR video 3D stereoscopy.

Video playback technology to dramatically optimize the quality.

Project Deployment

We specialize on standalone VR Headsets : portable, wireless, easy to use, cheap.

Oculus Go price is 220 Euros.

Most projects  can be deployed by buying or renting a few Oculus Go headsets : for events, stands, meetings, etc…

Integrating interactive 3D graphics ( here, the gun ) with 3D 360 VR video ( the scene and character ).

  • VR Video production

  • Virtual Reality development

  • Virtual Reality Consultancy

  • VR Video filming for other video production companies

  • Integrate our tech into your existing video pipeline