PresenceCamera long term goal is to sell software licenses.

Today, we offer the next services to make it easier for you to use our tech. Please, contact us at for more info.

VR Video Production

We produce high quality, 3D 360 VR Videos.

Including Preproduction + shooting + editing + postproduction

Highest quality, attention to detail, and short production timings.

Shooting and Presence Camera postprocess

For VR Video production companies.

Our camera, our camera operator, VR consultancy on the shooting, and we give you back the 360 3D “stitched” video in 24/48 hours.

Your preproduction,  shooting crew ( except the camera and camera operator ), your own edition and postprocess. ( presencecamera gives the “stitched” 360 3D raw video materials ).

Presence Camera postprocess only

For VR video production companies.

Rent your own cameras, your own rig, your own camera operator.

Presence Camera teaches you how to shoot for our postprocessing, and gives you back the raw “stitched” 360 3D video materials in 24/48 hours.